Most frequent questions and answers

Not at all, we love taking absolute beginners for lessons. Coming into a lesson without skateboarding skills is like a blank canvas, it allows us to get you learning the skills from day 1!

October – November

Registrations open in September. 6 weeks of lessons.

February – March

Registrations open in Januaray. 6 weeks of lessons.

Group lessons are held around Wanaka, including the skate park, Northlake plaza. and the vert ramp. 

For private lessons we are more flexible, if there is a space you would prefer to use or if you have skateboarding facilities at home we can come to you. 

The drop-in sessions are held around Otago and vary depending on the space/facilities each town has to offer. Check our social channels to see when we are coming to your town!

Nope! We have a range of skateboards of different sizes, helmets, knee pads and wrist guards. Everything you need to give skateboarding a go!

We believe everyone can benefit from a lesson with one of the Rad coaches! Each coach has their preferred skate style and we can pair you up with the right coach for you. 

Advanced lessons are available to help plan and improve your approach to competition skating, or just to help you nail that one trick you’ve been working on. 

We are happy to teach anyone from around 2 years old.
With our Ookkie boards we can get the young ones holding onto a handle learning to get their balance.

There is no upper age limit to skateboard (that we know of).
We are down to teach anyone who wants to give skateboarding a go.

Safety Pads (optional)

If you would like to borrow a skateboard, helmet or pads please let us know before hand. We can bring these along.