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Site Wānaka Bowl

Indoor Lessons

Our indoor lessons are great for those looking to keep their skateboarding skills sharp over autumn and winter.

We will be running these at Site Wānaka on the indoor bowl, this is an amazing facility that will allow for skateboarding year round.

Foundation sessions: 3.30-4.30pm

Want to learn to drop in, carve, learn 50-50s and Rock to Fakies get those basics down. (don’t know what that means?)
These are probably the right classes for your youngling.
Build those foundations that will set you up for the future with hands-on coaching. 
This would be the first-timer or beginner level of lessons.
Book foundation sessions here

Perfection sessions: 4.30-5.30pm
Have some tricks and want to perfect them or learn more.
Learn about the best lines to set up tricks, fast-track your learning and receive expert coaching from some of NZ’s best skateboarders.
These would be the intermediate or advanced lessons.
Book perfection sessions here

Expression sessions:
16 and older want to learn something at your own pace.
Do you just want to meet some new crew to skate with?
These sessions are all about respecting that we all have different skill sets and learn at our own pace.
Why not do it as a crew where you can share the hype?
Book expression sessions here

Group Lessons

Group lessons are a fun way to learn how to skate with others at a similar level and make friends at the same time.  Our aim is to keep coach:student ratio at 1:5 with a max of 15 students per lesson. This ensures you/your child gets plenty of assistance as they learn to navigate different skatepark obstacles in a safe and fun way.

Rad skate school group lessons include:

Learning how to skate bowls, ramps and street.

Etiquette at the skatepark, such as ‘one person in the bowl at a time’ to help prevent unwanted slams/collisions.

Maintenance and skateboard setup choices (size of board/wheels, different brand features)

Limited spaces are available! 15 students per class.

Two 6-week blocks – $180 running from October – March

Pre-school, first timer, beginners, intermediate, advanced and adult level classes are available.

Group Kids
Private expert skateboarding

Private Lessons

Accelerate your skateboard skills to the next level with our private lessons for one or two people.

We call these our ‘progression sessions’ because our students make so much (ahem. . . .well. . . . you know) progress.

You choose where you want to go (ramp, park, street) and what you want to learn. These sessions are super adaptable to you and your skill level.

One-on-one $60 per hour

Two students $85 per hour

Three students $100 per hour

Elite Skateboard Coaching

One-on-one coaching for those that can already shred but want to improve on specific things. 

Work on key skills; street, park, vert or bowl.  Master specific tricks, improve your style – You name it. 

Chris, is a card HPSNZ coach, and has an in-depth understanding of what it takes to get an awesome result at competitions. The team has decades of experience. You will really enjoy working with them to polish your performance at competitions.

$60 per hour 

Adult Skateboarding lessons
“You don’t quit skating because you get old… You get old because you quit skating.”

Rad Adults

Whether you want to learn so you can skateboard with the kids, or you just want to take it up yourself, Rad is here to help! 

Learning to skate as an adult can seem daunting. Lucky for you our coaches make it super fun! Book a private lesson or wait for our group adult sessions over the summer. 

We also held a couple of ‘Rad Ladies nights’ last summer and it was so good to see more and more ladies turning up to learn this amazing sport. 

Regular sessions for men and women will be held again over the summer.

7pm, casual basis, $30 per session

Adaptive Skateboarding

At Rad we believe anyone should have an opportunity to skateboard. To practise what we preach, we have developed a steel skateboarding frame with a harness, skateboards with handles, and we also have some larger skateboards for those who may want a more stable skateboard.

These lessons run with the M!nt trust, along with private sessions for anyone who is keen.

Just send us a message and we can facilitate these sessions.

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