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Rad Family


Chris, is the brawn of the operation and the one you’ll see helping kids to drop in. He’s our ideas man, with a huge passion for skateboarding, which started at age 10 and hasn’t stopped since!  He is a carded HPSNZ coach and was the President of Skateboarding NZ, a role that is focused on improving all aspects of skateboarding in NZ and getting NZ talent into the Olympics. 

He’s a wizard on a mini ramp and enjoys a good bowl/vert session. If you yell “do a kickflip” at him, he’ll be successful 4/10 times but loves every minute of it!  After travelling the world for 3 years, he’s probably been to any skatepark you could name.  It’s a fun game we play so next time you see him test it out!  

During the day, you can find Chris working as Wanaka’s computer IT man, working for ‘IT Centre’.

Some (his partner Anna) would describe him as extremely patient when it comes to teaching skateboarding. He managed to teach her so that’s saying something! His friends would say he’s the session hype guy, unless of course, his back hurts, but luckily Anna is an Osteopath so she sorts him out!

Anna is the brains of the operation. No stranger to getting sh*t done, keeping the wheels lubed and the grip tape grippy.  She’s the one organising your lessons and posting bad jokes on the socials. You really should follow us JUST for her content alone. 

During the day Anna works as an Osteopath/Western Medical Acupuncturist. She has supported the New Zealand National Skateboard Team on national & international trips. Thanks to Chris, she has been to some of the best skateparks in the world. . . . . and not skated at all.  

When asked if she skates, Chris will respond “Yes!” and Anna will respond “God no”.  Despite this, it’s a daily topic in their household. 

Anna grew up racing motocross and riding horses, so working in a mild sport like skateboarding has been a breeze.

Chris and Anna have a lil grom Dellow and live in Wānaka.

Cam Graham

If you haven’t seen Cam filming and skating at the park then you’ve probably seen him shredding his sled up the hill. Grab a lesson on the snow with Cam then come down and have one at the skatepark. A double threat. Whatta guy. 

Jess Geraets

Jess, our manager extraordinaire. She’ll book your lesson, then turn up as the coach. The queen of herding cats (organising kids), she loves herself a board sport and a house plant. 

Rad Coaches

Oscar Goodwin

Oscar is probably in your favourite Wānaka band or at least manages them. Channeling old school skateboarders, Oski has an old soul, which is awesome with the young shredders.

Joe Hindmarsh

It’s Joe! He loves himself a good bowl or ramp session, maybe as much as he loves caffeine? When he’s not skating, Joe is busy steaming milk and extracting coffee.  

Harry Rowden

Harry! What a little ripper. He started with us as a volunteer and the kids loved him so we decided to keep him around. Plus he can film a mean line. 

Gideon Thompson

Who knew Twizel could produce skateboarding talent? Gideon is proving that despite being from small-town Mackenzie country, you can still be super rad at skateboarding! 



With a team of coaches, Rad is here to support everyone from those who are new to skateboarding through to those looking to develop their high-performance skills.  

We have FREE drop-in sessions over summer, so make sure to follow @radskateschool to keep up with where the next session will be held. 

Registration for group sessions opens in September!

We also provide private one-on-one lessons if that is more what you’re after! 

Looking for a totally RAD birthday party idea that’s way more enjoyable than the same ole boring ideas? We are stoked to provide the solution. We have boards, helmets, ramps can come to you! We know the kids (AND adults) will love this party.

Skateboarding is more than just rolling on a board. Skateboarding requires mental and physical focus, demands respect and perseverance, and provides a social gathering of friends who bond over shared failure and success.


Based in Wanaka, Rad primarily hold their lessons in Wanaka. Although they travel throughout Central Otago in the summer. We have ran sessions in Oamaru, Lawrence, Roxburgh, Alexandra, Clyde, Cromwell, Queenstown, Arrowtown, Hāwea and Wānaka, we are always looking to find new places to go. Drop us a line if you want us in your town!