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Rad Community Trust

Skate Boarding For All

In the beginning we saw skating as what you do on a board. As time went on, like so many others, we learned that skating is just as much about what happens off the board – creating friendships, fixing gear, building ramps, cheering each other on and working together to find the next line, the next trick to conquer.

Skating created focus, taught resilience and developed practical skills. It showed us how to be a community, how to empower and support the underdog as much as the super-star. It showed us our limits and allowed us to see the strengths in others. How to keep getting up even when you fall – again and again. We wanted others to appreciate what we had learned and experienced. The transformational power of skating; the way it becomes part of you and you a part of it.

It was from this foundation that we created RAD. Initially a skate school, we’ve since evolved into Rad Skateboarding Ltd & Rad Community Trust working as a social impact organisation.

Today, RAD is dedicated to delivering for the skateboarding community and skate culture. We’re committed to creating the space and opportunities skaters need to develop themselves, and their communities, beyond the board.

Adaptive Skating

Skateboarding for everyone! Learn more

Drop-in Sessions

Thanks to Sport Otago we have managed to provide hours of FREE skateboarding to the region, traveling as far as Lawrence, Roxburgh, Clyde, Cromwell, Arrowtown, Queenstown, Hawea and Wanaka. Learn more

Lock-in Sessions (13-18 y/o)

We created these ‘lock-in’ sessions at Site Trampoline to give this age group something to do and encourage engagement. Learn More

School Programs

Not just purely skateboarding, when we work with school we talk about confidence, believing in oneself and being kind and supportive to others. Learn More

Paetara Aspiring Central

Learn More