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Rad Skate School

The transformational power of skating; the way it becomes part of you and you a part of it.

We’ve been skating, ripping half pipes and failing at kickflips for decades. We’ve traveled the globe hitting skate parks, meeting awesome humans and building networks. Through all of this has been our board. A simple deck of wood.

This tool has opened doors for us, taken us places we never expected and provided experiences that have shaped who we are and how we exist.

Skating created focus, taught resilience and developed practical skills. It showed us how to be a community, how to empower and support the underdog as much as the super-star. It showed us our limits and allowed us to see the strengths in others. How to keep getting up even when you fall – again and again. We wanted others to appreciate what we had learned and experienced.

These are our epic class and coaching offering!

Private Lessons

1-1 private lessons up to 1-5 private lessons. Our private lessons are the fastest way to get ahead. Dubbed ‘Progression Sessions’ for a reason! If you’re a little nervous of group vibes, or prefer the one on one attention of a coach, or just need help mastering one aspect of skating, then a progression session is for you. Or, grab a group of mates and have a private group class! Contact US

Pre-School Lessons (3-5yrs)

Just like the name suggests, this class is for our littlest groms! 3-5year olds only please. Discounted prices and slightly shorter classes (to manage those shorter attention spans) Book Online


This class is for those that are reeeeal fresh to skateboarding. Not confident to push around, a little sketchy getting on the darn thing, and definitely not dropping into ramps yet. Book Online


For kids who are familiar with skateboarding and want to build their skills and confidence throughout the term- they need to be able to push around confidently on their boards and want to learn things like dropping in, acid drops and small rails. Book Online


This class is for kids who are familiar with skateboarding and want to develop their tricks and confidence throughout the term - they can push around confidently on their boards, drop in and ollie and now it's time to move on to more tech tricks! Book Online


High level coaching for those that want advice on building competition runs or improving your bag of tricks. We are lucky here in Wanaka to have a variety of features and parks to work with, and many talented skaters willing to share their knowledge! Contact Us

Adults Classes

For those still young at heart but with harder bones... our adult classes RULE. So many ‘good sorts’ turn up, it's a supportive and fun learning environment. And Rad is proud to provide a class with a good vibe and the opportunity to meet other rad ladies. Gather a group together and hit us up! By arrangement only. GET IN TOUCH

Birthday Parties

Book the coolest party in town, PAC skateboarding parties! Free rein to the space, with coaches on hand to help and all equipment supplied. By arrangement only. Contact Us To Discuss

School Holiday Programs

We have various school holiday programs on offer between each term. Learn more